Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago


To better manage our line and to make things easier for our customers, we are now offering time slots! Time slots are 20 minute periods that save your spot in line and guarantee you 6 cookies. You can come to our store up to 20 minutes after your time starts. You are not guaranteed each flavor, but you are guaranteed 6 cookies!

20% of our time slots are available in person at our store starting at 4:30PM on Wednesday and 10AM on Thursday-Saturday. The other 80% are available virtually and more information can be found below.

You can only book virtual time slots on the day of the booking and and time slots are able to be booked at 9:00AM each day that we are open. We are open Wednesday-Saturday.

Each person is able to book 1 time slot per day. Each time slot is for 1 person only.

After booking, you will receive a confirmation text or email. Just show us that confirmation when you get to the store, and then you’ll be able to place your order!